DAY 10 – Prepare For Take Off

10 ELUL 5769

While sitting on a plane one day waiting for takeoff, I considered all the people involved in the takeoff process.  Without a doubt, it takes a CREW to prepare for takeoff: air traffic control, the pilots, flight attendants, and all of those individuals down below directing the plane away from the gate unto the runway.

Consider the last time you endeavored to participate with Hashem in the healing of the world.  Were you ready to navigate the difficult conversations?  Were you open to the “air traffic controllers” in your life giving you an objective perspective of the situation?  Did you ever make it to your destination?

If you have ever attempted to ask some one for forgiveness, or attempted to share with some one why you are hurt, you know it can get real messy if not handled properly.

In most cases, I needed a CREW (people with objectivity and wisdom) to help me PREPARE FOR TAKE OFF in the reconciliation process.  How about you?

Over the next several blogs, we will explore what it takes to properly prepare ourselves for repentance, forgiveness and reconcilation.    What does it really take to partner with G-d in the healing of the world?

Romans 12:18 |  If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men.


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