Day 15 – (RRA – Part 3) Take the Road Less Traveled…

15 Elul

In the previous blog, I shared the story of hitting a “Rough Road” in the mountains of Southern California.  There were many object lessons, I gleaned from this experience.   Where else in my life am I totally disregarding the “RRA (Rough Road Ahead)” and continuing in behaviors or principles that will cost me in the long run?

Why is this discussion with self so important?  If I do not have the courage to look at the “roads within”, how will I effectively navigate the roads out side?  It is so easy to expect others to change – make demands that they fix their potholes and rough terrains, but what about me?

Consider the undeveloped areas of your life…  Do we give others fair warning (full disclosure) that there is a “RRA” in the short distance?  There are certain areas of our lives that are undeveloped, curvaceous slippery slopes of rocky terrain begging for BILLBOARD size SIGNAGE that clearly states in no uncertain terms, Traveler Enter At Your Own Risk.

Most of us are grateful when G-d blesses us with people in our lives, who have encountered these “rough roads” and loves us anyway.  Some people have even been sent to help us “develop” those untamed areas and level some of the rock that is hindering safe passageway.  So if we have help – what is the challenge?

Unfortunately, many of us  lack the courage to “take the road less traveled” within – those areas of  the heart, mind and attitude that have been avoided and neglected but are in much need of repair.  How about that road of “Walking in love” or the road of “being angry and sinning not?”  What road of obedience do you have difficulty traveling on?

Take the road less traveled – it may be difficult.  OK – no –  full disclosure here – EXPECT CHALLENGES.  Don’t lose heart or faint at the first, second or third sign of – WORK.  Yes, it takes work.  Every road we travel on in modern society was once an undeveloped road – an unpaved road.  And remember those roads were probably built by a team of people, not one lone individual.    So courage and humility is needed to let others in. (Oye!)  Do you feel the pain?

If we are going to be agents of healing – the healing must begin within first.  Go on, take the road less traveled within and be prepared for Hashem (G-d) using the pathways of your life to bring healing to others.  Yes, it may be a “RRA” but it is a NOBLE CAUSE and you are WORTH the effort.

Do you hear the shofar blowing?

Isaiah 40:3 |  Listen! It’s the voice of someone shouting, “Clear the way through the wilderness for the Lord!   Make a straight highway through the wasteland for our God!


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